Family Histories and Autobiographies

Below are listed the Histories I have placed on my Web Site:

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Bullet Aunt Det's Story: Family remininsces from turn-of-the-century Minnesota.
Bullet Butler History: History of General Benjamin Franklin Butler of NH.
Bullet Our Harley History: A brief reminiscence of my Grandparents, Joseph & Laura Harley.
Bullet Harley Histories: Related Harley Histories, including Conways, et al.
Bullet Jacob's Ladder: My search for the ancestry of Jacob Harley, including "The Harley's of Brampton Bryan": the political and religious trials of one family in antiquity.
Bullet Our Hovey History: A History of the Hoveys from 1575-1951.
Bullet Lettie's Letters : Letters of Violetta Clara Martin from 1892-1907.
Bullet A History of the Morrisons: A History of the Morrison Clan of Scotland, and my search for the ancestors of Andrew Morrison of the Kanawha Valley of West Virginia. This site also contains brief biographies.
Bullet A Pilcher History: Ancestors of Carl Arthur Pilcher: The Pilchers in America.
Bullet Spargur/Wolfersperger Heritage: A brief History of the Ancestry of Mary Ellen Spargur.
Bullet Violetta Clara Martin: A short autobiography of Violetta Martin.
Bullet Wintch Histories: Histories & Autobiographies of the Wintch Family.

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